7000 HD

Specification Value
Max Paving Width 84 ft / 26.4 m
Operating Weight (Standard) 11,000 lbs / 4990 kg
Standard Machine Length 30 ft / 9.14 m
Machine Length 30 ft / 9.14 m
Weight 11,000 lbs / 4,990 kg
Paving Width Maximum recommended 84 ft / 25.6 m
Machine Travel 4 ft / 1.2 m wheel base (four driver bogies)
2 Paving Carriages (full canal paver)
1 paving Carriage (half slope paver)
1 paving Carriage (side slope)
■ Dual 6 ft / 1.82 m long direct-drive paving roller
■ Dual adjustable, heavy-duty doube fligth direct-drive strike-off augers
■ Patented Rota-Vibe®
■ Slope paving drag pan system
Power Two 35 HP / 26.2 kW liquid-cooled diesel engines with 12-volt electric starters, one mounted on the frame at the operator's console that powers the machine and paving carriage travel.
The second is mounted on the carriage and powers the augers, paving rollers and Rota-Vibe®.

Automatic Machine Operation Includes machine operation and all paving functions
  • Heavy-duty type 3 carriage rails
  • Full-depth heavy-duty pivoting legs for slope angles as steep as 1:1
  • Hydraulic-powered legs for up and down control
  • Hydraulic power legs for leg positioning
  • Dual heavy-duty carriage drive chain with hydraulic brake for power and safety
  • Raised operator's console for level operation and full paving visibility
  • Remote control for paving carriage functions (FCC-approved)

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