Terex Ecotec offer a comprehensive range of waste shredders which include Slow, Medium and High Speeds.  The range of innovative machines available provide efficient production, low operational costs and ease of maintenance, so end users are sure to find the correct machine for their application.


  • tbg-620

    TBG 620

    The TBG 620 is a powerful, compact and flexible High Speed Shredder that can be utilised for various shredding tasks.

    Specification Value
    Infeed Dimensions 1'5" high x 4'11" wide 450mm x 1,500mm
    Rotor Dimensions Ø40" x 60" wide Ø1,040mm x 1,530mm
    Engine Scania DC13 500HP Tier 4 Final Scania DC13 368kW Tier 4 Final
    Weight 44,093lbs 20,000kg
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  • tds-v20

    TDS V20

    The TDS V20 medium speed shredder is a revolution in mobile shredding. The double shaft shredder chamber developed by Vecoplan specifically for the mobile industry benefits from independent hydrostatic drive and a product sizing screen.

    Specification Value
    Shaft Length 6'6" 2,000mm
    Engine Scania DC13 497HP Tier 3 Scania DC13 371kW Tier 3
    Engine Scania DC13 493HP Tier 4 Final Scania DC13 368kW Tier 4 Final
    Weight 81,571lbs 37,000kg
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  • tds-820

    TDS 820

    The TDS 820 is an aggressive Slow Speed Shredder purpose-built to process all types of material, whether it be domestic, industrial or bulky waste.

    Specification Value
    Shaft Length 6'7" 2,000mm
    Engine Scania DC13 440HP Stage V (EU) Scania DC13 331kW Stage V (EU)
    Engine Scania DC13 440HP Tier 4 Final (USA) Scania DC13 331kW Tier 4 Final (USA)
    Engine Scania DC13 436HP Constant Speed (EU) Scania DC13 325kW Constant Speed (EU)
    Weight 60,627lbs 27,500kg
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  • tbg-630

    TBG 630

    The TBG 630 High Speed Shredder is the ultimate processing machine for medium to large scale biomass and green waste processors

    Specification Value
    Infeed Dimensions 2'7" high x 5'7" wide 780mm x 1,700mm
    Rotor Dimensions Ø43" x 69" wide Ø1,100mm x 1,750mm
    Engine Scania DC16 661HP Tier 4 Final Scania DC16 493kW Tier 4 Final
    Weight 78,485lbs 35,600kg
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  • TDS 825 Slow Speed Shredder

    TDS 825

    The TDS 825 is a robust twin shaft, slow speed shredder. Ideal for large scale operations this high capacity machine takes shredding to the next level.

    Specification Value
    Shaft Length 8'2" 2,500mm
    Engine Scania DC16 770HP Stage II, IV & V Scania DC16 566kW Stage II, IV & V
    Weight 102,514lbs 46,500kg
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