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TSS 390
Slow Speed Shredder

Terex Ecotec are delighted to launch the new TSS 390, a robust and versatile single shaft, slow speed shredder. Powered by a fuel efficient 493HP Scania DC13 engine, it is designed for maximum output and minimum downtime.

Ideal for volume reduction, the TSS 390 has the ability to handle the toughest of materials including tree stumps and roots, green waste, C&D waste, waste wood, pallets and rail ties. The TSS 390 is simple to operate, offers excellent all-round serviceability and is available in both tracked and wheeled variants. 

The addition of the TSS 390 will further enhance an already significant portfolio of shredding products available.

Industrial Shredder Working With Material Handler


Key Features

3 Metre Shaft Icon

3m Single Shaft Shredder

Engine Icon

493HP Scania DC13 Engine

Service Access Icon

Side Door Chamber Access

Hydrostatic Drive Icon

Hydrostatic Drive Providing

Full Speed, Full Torque Reverse


Check out the TSS 390 in action...


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    Specification Value
    Shaft Length 6'7" 2,000mm
    Engine Scania DC13 440HP Stage V (EU) Scania DC13 331kW Stage V (EU)
    Engine Scania DC13 440HP Tier 4 Final (USA) Scania DC13 331kW Tier 4 Final (USA)
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