Product Benchmarking

At TIRC we follow a systematic, well defined approach for Benchmarking, enabling us to take better decisions in terms of product positioning in the market. The final reports cover detailed insights in the various specifications and features of different competitors both at machine and component levels, well categorized and highlighting the best specifications for machine and features for component designs.


  • Understanding the detailed requirements from the site, (wish list, nearest competitors)
  • Preliminary collection of data from various sources like competitor websites, Internet search for the related specifications 
  • Detailed information gathering by visiting the actual work sites, exhibitions / expo shows, service stations etc.
  • Categorization of data into various buckets
  • Detailed Excel-based report starting with co-relation study of various competitors and arriving at the best specifications
  • For components a detailed comparison is made by capturing details like no of bends, weld areas, castings, ease of manufacturability
  • Highlighting the best  path for component design to be followed for NPD