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The profile and requirements of our end customers continues to evolve and we must adapt to these changes to remain competitive and create new opportunities. The Digital Solutions offering from Terex MP is focused on solving real problems and driving business value.


MyTerex Customer Fleet App


This app will provide mobile access to machine information, notifications and performance dashboards and will also bring you closer to our parts team and services.






Connected Dealer Inventory (CDI)

  • Plan & replenish inventory of parts with a few clicks
  • Reduce risk of obsolescence or excess stock
  • Have the right parts available for customers when needed
  • Have live visibility of Terex inventory
  • Increase sales by offering slow-moving parts to other distributors 

To get signed up or speak to someone in the CDI team please get in touch: cdi.support@terex.com 


Help Desk

The Help Desk has undergone the following changes to enhance the users experience;

  • Site redesign to provide an improved experience
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • Attachments optimised for video
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Helpdesk application translated into Italian
  • Provide chat functionality to correspond with HD Agents on issues that have been raised

The Dealer User Guide and Dealer Video Guide have been added to the new Help Desk website as supplementary documents to support dealers.  



Dealer & Customer Portal – MyTerex.com


  • MyTerex.com is your personal entry door to Terex. There you can access all documents, reports and digital solutions that are relevant to you, such as product technical information, videos, business reports, Telematics data, eVentory.
  • We are currently working to develop further the capabilities of MyTerex portal, expanding its features and launching also a new mobile app version.
  • Connect to get access and learn more.





  • State-of-the-art web-shop with a modern look and feel and intuitive user interface
  • Fully branded and under the exclusive control of each dealer
  • Multiline - covering the entire dealer portfolio, including Non-Terex products
  • Not only a parts ordering tool - order / invoice enquiries, promotions, sales of used Machines, applications, service contracts… can be managed here
  • Readiness for B2B business that many off-the-shelf solutions do not provide (e.g. user management)

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If you have any queries about our Digital Solutions offerings or our myTerex Customer Fleet app, please contact us by completing this form. 

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