Franna to Unveil the Road Ahead at CICA 2019

Franna®—the market leader in the design and manufacture of pick and carry cranes—will once again participate in this year’s CICA Conference from 17-19 October 2019 in Hunter Valley, NSW, where they will introduce the relaunch of the Franna brand and showcase the new AT 40 and improved MAC 25.

Brand Relaunch

Earlier this year, Terex announced the sale of Demag mobile cranes and changes within the organisational structure of the company, which included the Franna Cranes business becoming part of the Terex Materials Processing segment. These changes coincided with the decision to relaunch the iconic Franna brand, which has been a household name in Australia since its inception back in 1978.

Danny Black, General Manager of Franna Cranes said, “The relaunch of the Franna brand not only provides sentimental value to our customers and team members, but also helps us align ourselves with the culture in the Terex Materials Processing segment, to which Franna is now a part of. These changes will enable us to focus on the benefits which the Franna brand has historically been renowned for—a brand focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations with innovative solutions and exceptional ongoing support.”

Another exciting element of Franna’s brand relaunch is a fresh focus on international exporting. Danny Black continues, “Given the success of our pick and carry product offering in our domestic market, we have identified a number of exporting opportunities for our solutions. Thomas Coulter has been appointed as the new Franna International Sales Manager and will be available at the CICA conference to discuss international dealership opportunities.”

AT 40 Launch

The Franna AT 40 is the result of a collaborative, Terex-wide design project and incorporates the latest technology with engineering excellence. This articulated crane boasts 44% more load moment capacity than the Franna MAC 25. The 3-axle design eliminates the need for a removable counterweight and the third axle control system raises axle 3 when operating on a work site, providing similar turning circle as the MAC 25. Additional features include a full width isolated cabin, articulating counterweight and increased cabin storage.

Mike Atherden, Principal Engineer at Franna explains, “Customers have been asking for a higher capacity crane and the AT 40 is our solution. At present, we have ten AT 40s operating in the field and the feedback from our customers has been fantastic.”

Metcalf Crane Services, a Franna AT 40 customer stated, “The new AT 40 has been a great addition to our fleet. Moving with the market, the additional capacity of the AT 40 has been invaluable on certain jobs. Coupled with the obvious benefits of having no requirement for additional counterweight, the machine is proving a valuable asset every day.”

Borger Cranes, another AT 40 customer commented, “When two market leaders work together, great results can be achieved. Borger Cranes was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Franna on the new AT 40. It is a great crane and allows us to better serve our customers in higher capacity lifting applications. Being the first AT 40 in NSW, it has certainly drawn some attention and we believe this will be a successful partnership going forward.”

New & Improved MAC 25

The latest options available on the MAC 25 are customer-led and address the ever-changing demands of the pick and carry customer. With consideration to our large market share and number of pick and carry cranes in operation, safety is at the heart of Franna. First released in 2013, Franna’s patented Dynamic LMI remains as a pillar of safety, underpinning the electronic control and user experience offered today. The system is designed to offer ‘real-time’ calculation of rated capacity taking into account boom configuration, as well as chassis articulation, pitch and roll, enabling continual assessment of structural limitations, forward stability and side stability. Increased resolution of rated capacity is made possible by finer measurement of articulation pitch and roll angles, allowing for improved machine capability compared to previous generation LMI systems. When operated on a jobsite over undulating terrain, the rated capacity will be updated continually, providing instantaneous information on the percentage utilisation of the machine (0-100% of available capacity). When operating on a side slope or undulating terrain, operators are no longer required to manually calculate a reduction of rated capacity; the Franna Dynamic LMI does that—making every lift safer. Other operational aids include:

  • Automatic counterweight detection
  • Operator settable maximum working height
  • Maximum working radius
  • Maximum front axle weight
  • Rigging limits
  • Percentage of rated capacity

These features further enhance the safe operation of the machine when site conditions get tough and are available in retrofit form for all Mercedes powered Franna cranes.

Speaking about the upcoming CICA show, Craig Hain, Sales Manager said, “Our Franna team look forward to seeing our customers and partners throughout CICA to introduce these latest innovations and offer their experience and expertise to customers who are seeking maximum safety, efficiency, performance and serviceability.”

Franna are the market leader in the design and manufacture of pick and carry cranes serving a number of key industries including mining, construction and material handling applications. For more information about Franna please visit www.terex.com/franna