Green-Tec Vegetation and Tree Care Solutions

Green-Tec manufacture and engineer vegetation and tree care solutions. With a robust range of chippers, trommels, shredders, dedicated tree care handlers, tracker mulchers and mulching heads, Green-Tec are well equipped to service this industry.

Product Range 

TTS 518 Green-Tec Trommel Concept
TDS 815 Green-Tec Concept
Green-Tec ChipMax Concept
TC-420 Tree Care Handler

Jamie Mairs of Green-Tec

Business Line Director

Jamie Mairs has been appointed to the role of Green-Tec Business Line Director and will be based primarily at Terex Campsie, Northern Ireland.  Jamie brings a wealth of experience to this role, having been with Terex for six years during which he has progressed to become International Sales Director for EvoQuip. He has been responsible for leading the strategic and operational sales activities in international markets, as well as a range of sales supporting responsibilities, including the development and management of territory sales. He holds a master’s degree in Product Design Engineering.

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Green-Tec are actively seeking distribution partners for multiple regions. Declare your interest or make an enquiry using the form below.