Modular Cone Crusher


Terex MPS modular range of cone crushing equipment are unmatched in productivity and efficiency. Based on our Uno™ modular platform your modular cone crusher can grow with your business by only upgrading the cone crusher chamber and keeping your modular frame.


  • MTC1300_thumbnail


    The MTC1300 Modular Cone Crusher features the TC1300 Cone Chamber

    Specification Value
    Weight 69,531 lbs 31,539 kg
    Working Dimensions 23'4"x12'2"x17'1" (LxWxH) 7100x3700x5200 mm (LxWxH)
    Motor Size 300 hp 225 kW
    Capacity 240-350 tph 220-320 mtph
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  • MTC1150_thumbnail


    The MTC1150 Modular Cone Crusher features our latest TC1150 Cone Chamber

    Specification Value
    Weight 52,910 lbs 24,000 kg
    Working Dimensions 23'4"x12'2"x17' (LxWxH) 7100x3700x4900 mm (LxWxH)
    Motor Size 300 hp 225 kW
    Capacity 240-285 tph 220-260 mtph
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  • MTC1000_thumbnail


    The MTC1000 Modular Cone Crusher handles an all-in feed for continuous crushing

    Specification Value
    Weight 40,254 lbs 18,259 kg
    Working Dimensions 19'2"x20'1"x15'5" (LxWxH) 5840x6115x4690 mm (LxWxH)
    Motor Size 230 hp 170 kW
    Capacity 75-240 tph 70-220 mtph
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  • MC320 cone module


    The MC320 cone module features the TG320 or optional TGS320 cone on the same universal base structure as the MC and MV Series modular lines.

    Specification Value
    Weight 61,510 lb (with TG320) / 66,360 lb (TGS320) 27,900 kg (with TG320) / 30,100 kg (with TGS320)
    Working Dimensions 21'11" x 14'7" x 14'10" (LxWxH) 6688x4448x4819 mm(LxWxH)
    Motor Size 300 hp 225 kW
    Capacity 419-452 tph 380-410 mtph
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