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FM Series

High Frequency Incline Screen

Designed for stationery and portable plants, the FM Series has high capacity adjustable stroke vibrating motors, independent rotary tension system with a unique patent pending cushioned tensioning bars.

The flexibility of the FM Series ensures that it can work in a variety of applications such as reducing fines (de-dusting), chip sizing, dry manufactured sand, Fine industrial products and RAP fractioning.

The FM Series are available in 6' x 12' to 6' x 18' in 1 or 2 deck units.
Specification Value
Working Dimensions 6x12' to 6x18' 1 or 2 deck / 1829x3658 to 1829x5486 mm 1 or 2 deck
  • High vibration frequency breaks surface tension of fine materials.
  • Static frame, no suspensions, connect direct to structure
  • No drive belts or drive assemblies
  • Low energy requirements (1.8 hp vibrator motors)
  • High capacity fine material screening, handle high flow rates
  • End-tension screen cloth = no crown bar channeling
  • High speed vibration flexes screen media to break up blinding (material sticking to screen cloth)

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