TDS 820

tds 820 Shredder Side View

The TDS 820 features customisable shredding programs that give operators the opportunity to configure the machine to their specific requirements, reduce material wrapping and maximise production. Designed with independently-driven shafts, this double-shaft slow speed shredder is assured to give machine operators excellent performance in even the most challenging of applications.

Key features include hydrostatic drive that provides increased protection against contamination and allows for bi-directional shredding. The 2 metre long shafts are manufactured with a fully-welded tooth configuration, which makes for massive throughput and excellent material reduction. Its independent gearboxes enable each shaft to be run separately reeducing material wrappage for effective shredding operations.

Additional features include the tipping feeder which increases the feed area. Hopper extensions provide increased capacity in bulky applications. The machine is manoeuvred via a robust tracked undercarriage making it a great solution for difficult terrain.   

Specification Value
Shaft Length 6'7" / 2,000mm
Engine Scania DC13 440HP Stage V (EU) / Scania DC13 331kW Stage V (EU)
Engine Scania DC13 440HP Tier 4 Final (USA) / Scania DC13 331kW Tier 4 Final (USA)
Weight Scania DC13 436HP Constant Speed (EU) / Scania DC13 325kW Constant Speed (EU)

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