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Flu Prevention at Franna: A Proactive Approach to Employee Welfare

Franna is happy to announce the success of its annual Flu Vaccination Program. As a responsible  employer, Franna prioritises the health and well-being of its employees, taking proactive measures to safeguard their welfare. The program, in its latest iteration, not only covered the cost of flu shots for all employees but has also offered convenient options for vaccination at the Eagle Farm site.

Understanding the importance of influenza prevention, Franna ensured that its employees had easy access to flu vaccinations. By covering the cost of flu shots, the company removed any financial barriers that may have deterred employees from getting immunized. This initiative reinforces Franna's commitment to fostering a healthy workplace and reducing the risk of flu outbreaks among its workforce.

One of the standout features of Franna's Flu Vaccination Program is the convenience it offers. Employees were provided with two options for receiving their flu shots: on-site vaccinations or at their local pharmacy/general practitioner. On-site vaccinations were made available at Franna's temporary health clinic, allowing employees to receive the vaccination without having to leave the workplace. This not only saved valuable time but also enhanced convenience, encouraging a greater number of employees to participate in the program.

The success of Franna's Flu Vaccination Program can be attributed to the company's strong emphasis on employee health and its commitment to proactive wellness initiatives. By providing free flu shots and offering flexible options for vaccination administration, Franna has set a commendable example in prioritising employee well-being. The program's success is not only measured by the high participation rate but also by the positive impact it has on reducing employee absences during flu season.

Franna remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting the health and safety of its employees, and the Flu Vaccination Program is just one of the many initiatives aimed at achieving this goal. By investing in preventive measures, Franna fosters a culture of well-being that promotes productivity, reduces healthcare costs, and ensures a healthier future for its workforce.