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Introducing the New, Accessible, User-Friendly Franna Lift Planner


In the ever-evolving landscape of heavy machinery and lifting operations, efficiency and safety stand as the cornerstones of success. Acknowledging the vital role that planning plays, we are happy to introduce our new Franna Lift Planner—designed with our customers in mind. The new Lift Planner has been developed from scratch, and is available now at it's new home www.frannaliftplanner.com.au.



Breaking Down Barriers: No Login, No Restrictions

In a world where time is of the essence, we believe that crucial safety resources should be readily available without unnecessary hurdles. That's why our Lift Planner is designed to be freely accessible to all, with no login requirements. We've removed needless barriers to entry, ensuring that industry professionals can swiftly access the tool without navigating through any authentication processes. Why should accessing vital safety resources be locked by a login portal?

Streamlined Experience: Simplifying Without Sacrificing

Recognising the need for simplicity in the often intricate world of lifting operations, our Lift Planner boasts a streamlined user experience. We've eliminated unnecessary clutter such as setting job details or customer information. Instead, users can effortlessly select their crane, enter the configuration specifics, and obtain results promptly. By focusing on the essentials, we've empowered operators and planners to navigate the tool with ease, saving valuable time and allowing them to concentrate on the critical aspects of their tasks.

Adapting to the Terrain: Roll and Pitch Parameters

Real-world lifting scenarios seldom occur on perfectly level ground. To address this reality, our Lift Planner now incorporates roll and pitch parameters. This enhancement ensures that the planner remains a valuable asset even on non-level surfaces. By accounting for the incline or decline of the terrain, our tool provides operators with a more accurate and reliable lift plan, mitigating risks associated with uneven ground and enhancing overall safety.

Future-Ready and Expandable: Meeting Customer Demands

From a development perspective, our new Lift Planner is designed with expandability in mind. Adding new cranes and configurations is now simpler than ever. This means that, over the coming months, we are poised to respond more effectively to customer demands. We're committed to continuously enriching the tool by incorporating previously missing charts and duties. This adaptability ensures that our Lift Planner remains at the forefront of industry requirements, evolving alongside the needs of our valued users.

The Franna Lift Planner is available for free at www.frannaliftplanner.com.au