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Successful Launch for Franna into the LATAM market

Franna is excited to announce the successful launch of the FR17 C pick and carry crane in the dynamic Latin American (LATAM) market. This strategic move positions Franna for significant growth in the region, catering to the specific needs of construction and industrial operations across LATAM

The FR17 C is an ideal entry-level solution for the LATAM market. This user-friendly and cost-effective crane boasts a robust 17-tonne lifting capacity, making it perfect for diverse applications in space-constrained environments.  Whether it's urban construction sites, industrial yards, or logistics operations, the FR17 C excels with its compact design and exceptional turning radius for superior manoeuvrability. Intuitive controls ensure smooth and efficient operation, empowering users to get the job done quickly and safely.

The launch of the FR17 C coincided with its highly anticipated showcase at the M&T Expo in Brazil. This premier trade show for the construction, mining, and transportation sectors in South America served as a valuable platform to introduce the FR17 C to a vast audience of industry professionals across the LATAM region.  The M&T Expo proved to be a resounding success, with the FR17 C generating significant interest from potential customers. Attendees were impressed by the crane's unique design, user-friendly functionality, and its potential applications within the LATAM market, leading to numerous inquiries and positive feedback.

Franna understands that a successful product launch requires a strong local presence. To ensure the long-term success of the FR17 C in LATAM, Franna invested heavily in training its dealer network. This comprehensive program equipped dealers with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in supporting FR17 C owners throughout the region.  The program encompassed three key areas:

  1. Technical Training: Dealers received in-depth training on the FR17 C's operation and maintenance, allowing them to confidently provide technical support to future owners.
  2. Service Training: Equipping dealers with proper service procedures ensures optimal performance and minimizes downtime for FR17 C owners.
  3. Sales Training: This training empowers dealers to effectively communicate the FR17 C's key selling points - user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness - to potential customers, maximizing sales success.

With a well-trained dealer network and a successful launch at M&T Expo, Franna is poised for significant growth in the LATAM market. We're confident the FR17 C will become a valuable asset for construction and industrial operations across the region.  Franna remains committed to providing innovative and reliable crane solutions that empower customers to achieve their goals. Stay tuned for further updates on the FR17 C's success story in LATAM!