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MHL360 F


MHL360 F

Mobile (Pylon)

MHL360 F (Pylon)


RHL360 F

Crawler (Pylon)

RHL360 F (Pylon)


AHL360 F

Stationary (Pylon)

AHL360 F (Pylon)

Key Facts

Engine power EU-Stage V 255 hp 190 kW
EnginePowerEPATier3 250 hp 186 kW
Electric motor 160 kW 160 kW
Max. service weight without attachments max. 107,585 lbs max. 48.8 t
Reach max. 59' Max 18 m


The high performance class


Even more power, even less fuel consumption – and that's not all:
With state-of-the-art hydraulics, efficiency-increasing recuperation and an extremely comfortable cab, the MHL360 sets standards in modern material handling. With the combination of power and low emissions, as well as the equally high-torque and sensitive hydraulics, even demanding loading tasks can be carried out efficiently. The MHL360 offers maximum handling volumes with minimum loading times. The combination of a maximum reach of 59' and a closed swivel circuit make the MHL360 the first choice for e.g. loading stationary shredders and for loading and unloading smaller bulk carriers.

  • Closed swivel circuit for fast, energy-efficient loading cycles
  • Pipe rupture valves with regeneration function as standard
  • Fuchs Connect: 24/7 machine management via telematics