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RO Stinger Cranes

  • Stands for: RO (first name initials of the company founder), refers to the “stinging” function (such as one of a scorpion).
  • Manufacturer of boom trucks with lifting capacities from 20,000 -70,000 lbs.
  • Based in Waverly, Iowa.
  • Stinger brand cranes are sold in the US

RO Stinger Products

  • Boom truck



Historical Overview

Founded as R.O. Corporation in Olathe, KS by Ray Pittman and is later acquired by Simon Company changing its name to Simon-RO.

Terex acquires Simon companies including Simon-RO “Stinger”, a manufacturer of boom trucks under brand name of RO “Stinger”, which becomes part of Terex Cranes.

To find replacement parts for RO Stinger legacy brand cranes, please contact our Parts team.