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Whatever your lifting needs, you'll find the right Terex Rough Terrain Crane for you.


Whether you're maintaining drilling rigs in Dubai, constructing steel superstructure for a hospital in Toronto, offloading rail for a transportation expansion project in Zurich or moving mining equipment in an Indiana quarry, a Terex Rough Terrain Crane will provide the solution you need. With many models of different sizes, capacities and boom lengths to choose from, all extremely easy to handle and intuitive to use, let's discover how Terex Rough Terrain Cranes are an easy choice for day-in-day-out lifting

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Whether maintaining or creating new infrastructure, cranes are an essential part of this process. Mobility is essential in this setting and rough terrain cranes are designed to perfectly integrate into the dynamics of any worksite.

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A huge number of goods need to be handled in ports everyday; rough terrain cranes are the best tool to assist in these areas, providing support around the site and the ability to lift heavy loads quickly and efficiently.

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    Many different machines are operating at a mining site so cranes need to be versatile and flexible in their operating. Rough terrain cranes are an asset for maintenance, repairs and assembling other mining machinery.

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    Energy related

    Energy comes from many different sources and rough terrain cranes are a good compromise between dimensions, capacity, reach and ease of use to better serve all the different duties, no matter the challenge.

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    Yard logistics

    Whether objects need to move from a static point or need to be moved around the job site rough terrain cranes are the perfect tool when it comes to yard logistics; built in cameras and multiple steering modes are a clear asset.

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    General lifting

    Lifting required on multiple jobsites needs versatility, the rough terrain crane is the most versatile thanks to the ability to work with outriggers retracted, half extended, extended or as a pick and carry crane.