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Grand Paris Express Project with Terex RT 1045L Rough Terrain Crane

The Grand Paris Express project, which aims to transform Paris into a world-class metropolis of the 21st century, involves the construction of 68 stations and 200 kilometres of automatically operating metro lines. Scheduled for completion in 2030, this project connects vital nerve centres including airports, research facilities, universities, urban, and suburban areas that have traditionally been challenging to access. With four new metro lines (15, 16, 17, 18) in addition to the extension of Line 14, this project will integrate with the existing transport system of the French capital.


A Sustainable Solution to the Need for Mobility

The project represents the natural evolution of first the Paris metro (the first line was inaugurated in 1900) and the RER (the regional train network connecting the city centre with the outer areas). Thanks to this new infrastructure, it will be possible to travel from one end of the Île-de-France (region of north central France, incorporating the city of Paris) to the other without passing through the city, as well as reach the centre of the capital more easily from the suburbs. The Grand Paris Express will see the completion of an important first 'stage' for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

By connecting suburbs to the city centre, the Grand Paris Express project offers a sustainable solution to the growing demand for mobility and forms part of the broader aspiration to make Paris a 'carbon-neutral' city by 2050, using renewable energy sources.


The Operational Context

The Terex RT 1045L rough terrain crane is playing a crucial role in the Villejuif Louis-Aragon to Créteil l'Échat section through Bouygues Travaux Publics, the company was chosen by La Société du Grand Paris to handle its various public and civil engineering works. This work included the civil engineering of four stations, the excavation of a two-way tunnel, and the construction of five associated structures. The goal is to alleviate traffic congestion on existing public transport lines.

Bouygues Travaux Publics, known for its global presence and expertise in low-carbon energy infrastructure and construction, selected the Terex RT 1045L from Cauvas Group, a Bonneuil-En-France-based company of 70 people, with a fleet of 21 cranes ranging from 30 to 450 tonnes for its outstanding capabilities. The crane has been sold to Cauvas Group by the French dealer SNM (Société Nantaise de Manutention), specialized in the sale and maintenance of cranes through its subsidiary SNM Cranes, as well as aerial working platforms with SNM Lift and port handling equipment with SNM Heavy Handling. The RT1045L met the specific needs of Bouygues Travaux Publics for the project, including reliability, high efficiency, good load capacity, and compact design for intensive lifting in confined spaces.

"The Terex RT 1045L off-road crane allows us to optimise work schedules on-site, carrying out lifts that would typically require tower cranes, which due to space limitations, we cannot use for this project. Thanks to the Terex RT 1045L, we can move materials up to 30 m below ground level—all types of material needed to build walls, reinforced concrete ceilings and other work of this kind, including petrol cans to refuel the machinery in action underground. It supports us in ensuring a smooth construction process," said the operators.

The Terex RT 1045L offers a nominal capacity of 44 t at 2.5 m from the axis of rotation, a 5-element boom length of 37.4 m, a maximum height of 47.8 m at the boom tip and 37.5 m under hook. The crane is powerful, thanks to its 129 kW Cummins QSB6.7 engine and efficient, due to its powershift-type transmission with torque converter, gearbox with two manual and automatic drive options, and hydraulic system with variable displacement pump. Safety features include a rear axle with differential lock and load limiter with alarm and aggravating movement lock, which has the possibility of setting the limitation of telescopic boom movements and rotation of the superstructure.

“We also like the steadiness offered by the crane’s four independently controlled hydraulic stabilisers, which are fully, or half extended, depending on the area in which the machine is operating. Weight is also an important factor for this project, which must not be excessive due to the unique characteristics of the operating environment. Additionally, the crane moves smoothly, thanks to its different steering modes and compact dimensions,” continued the operators.

“In the light of all this, the Terex RT 1045L has proved to be an effective piece of equipment, capable of guaranteeing a high level of maneuverability and comfort—it has a very comfortable tilting S-Pace cab, with continuous 360° rotation and joysticks and controls that are easy and intuitive to use”.

Guillaume BERTRAND, Regional Sales Manager, Terex Cranes said, “Terex Rough Terrain Cranes are proud to collaborate with Bouygues Travaux Publics on this remarkable project, enhancing the efficiency and progress of the ambitious Grand Paris Express. The Terex RT 1045L is reliable, agile, and easy to operate, making a valuable tool for complex construction projects.”

For more information about Bouygues Travaux Publics, please visit Grand Paris Express – Bouygues.

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