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Terex TRT 65 Excels in Complex Refinery Environment

A TRT 65 Terex® Rough Terrain Crane is performing within the confined and multifaceted setting of a refinery, located in Italy. Operating within the restricted space and complex environment, the TRT 65 has demonstrated efficiency, safety, and precision, highlighting its usability and ability to optimise operations.  

“The TRT 65 is a further addition to an ever-expanding product line that raises the bar significantly in terms of jobsite performance,” says Stefania D’Apoli. Terex Rough Terrain Cranes Senior Sales Manager. “The addition of the TRT 65 represents continued investment and growth of the portfolio, which also includes the TRT 35, TRT 80 and TRT 90. Manufactured and dispatched by Crespellano (BO), a site that also houses our research and development, production, sales, service and spare parts activities, the range has been designed to integrate into the dynamics of any construction site and has the versatility to meet all general lifting tasks. Infrastructure, ports, mining, energy, site logistics: there are many applications in which the TRT range meets the needs of operators. These cranes have been hard at work at some important sites across the world, including the intricate setting where the Welding Duebi RT crane is operating.”

Welding Duebi, founded in 2002, has grown to become a leader in the field of plant engineering, offering services and products aimed at the petrochemical, chemical, oil and energy industries.  The company, which is based in is Fiesso Umbertiano, a municipality in the Province of Rovigo in the Italian region Veneto, has been using the TRT 65, the first to be delivered in Italy, since the beginning of this year. "Within our refinery, from which we have contracted out maintenance activities, it is necessary to have at least one crane available 365 days a year, capable of carrying out all required tasks reliably and efficiently," explains Nicola Barotti, CEO and partner of Welding Duebi. "While we have more than 20 types of Terex cranes in our fleet, the new TRT 65 is an ideal solution for our refinery, since it can juggle a congested and space-restricted environment. Due to its suitability and performance, we decided to allocate it permanently to this site.”

The TRT 65—rented from Tecno-Gru, a distributor of  Terex Rough Terrain cranes in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN) and a trusted supplier of spare parts and service—ensures consistent reliability alongside high versatility within the refinery. "We chose the TRT 65 because it has all the necessary features to meet the needs of a complex site like a refinery," continues Barotti. "The versatility guaranteed by this machine, as well as its compactness, is undoubtedly a fundamental element for us, because it allows us to quickly move the vehicle in all areas of the plant, several times a day, both during routine maintenance operations and during the 'shutdown' of the plants, which takes place every two years. Agility, manoeuvrability and responsiveness are combined with other winning features, such as ease of use, and the considerable reach and capacity, which allow us to handle products of all types and weights at very variable heights".

The TRT 65 offers a lifting capacity of 65 tonnes and benefits from the redesigned chassis, turret, electrical and hydraulic system. The power is provided a Cummins QSB6.7 Stage V, 6-cylinder, common rail and is electronically managed, which guarantees low fuel consumption. Equipped with a ZF transmission, the TRT 65 offers six forward and three reverse gears, in both automatic and manual modes, and permanent four-wheel drive.

Gabriele Colonna, operator of the TRT 65 at Welding Duebi explains his experience of using the TRT 65, "The TRT 65 is versatile to us thanks to the four steering modes and the cab, which can be tilted by up to 17°, has a large glass surface and ergonomic joysticks with customisable electro-proportional controls. Also worth highlighting, from an operational point of view, is the 'anti-stall' control, which allows us to precisely manage the power and speed of the crane—for us as operators this is an important element. The EcoMode function uses the automatic engine throttle to optimise power during crane operation and the 'stand-by' function reduces consumption." 

The Terex TRT 65 rough terrain crane, as in the other models in the range, features the innovative TEOS (Terex Operating System) control system, which thanks to a 10" touchscreen display in the cab, enables the operator to take advantage of an effective visual interface and navigation system. The TRT 56 also benefits from optimised diagnostics and sensor parts. Additionally, its Wi-Fi functionality can be integrated with that of the site where it is operating, enabling features such as to stop the machine's ignition remotely. 

"The views offered by the cameras are visible in the main display located in the cab," Colonna concludes. "Operators therefore have full control of the crane from all points of view. The main display also shows the status of the radio control and the options of the T-Link platform, a system that allows remote access to the crane fleet's operational data anytime and anywhere, via the web, from a computer, smartphone or tablet, thus optimising efficiency and reducing costs." T-Link provides a wide range of data in real time and allows various analyses to be carried out to assess machine performance. All this with clear benefits: reduced costs and increased productivity in all applications, better management of routine maintenance and technical support, optimal machine and fleet control and improved vehicle management.

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