Since 1961 Bid-Well has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of a complete line of versatile and specialized concrete paving machines for the heavy and highway construction market. The Bid-Well® full line of automatic concrete roller pavers include bridge deck pavers and overlay machines, airport, road and street pavers, concrete placers, texturing/curing machines, specialized paver/trimmer for slopes and canal paving, along with work bridges that meet any job requirement.

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Bid-Well Set to Showcase 3600 RC Paver at World of Concrete

Bid-Well®, global manufacturer of versatile and specialized concrete paving machines for the heavy and highway construction market, is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming World of Concrete 2023. 

"We eagerly anticipate engaging in meaningful conversations with our customers at the World of Concrete, exploring the industry challenges they face,” said Mark Rhead, Sales Manager at Bid-Well. “The Bid-Well team is committed to not only showcasing our solutions but also understanding the unique needs of our clients. We look forward to collaborative discussions on how Bid-Well can provide unparalleled support and tailor our innovations to address the evolving challenges within the concrete paving sector.”

Bid-Well will exhibit the 3600 RC Paver, a versatile concrete paving machine with remote control system that provides safe operation while adding convenience and enhanced communication between the operator, team members and the concrete placer. Not only is it capable of efficiently paving bridges, but with the proper accessories can also be used to tackle the toughest road paving projects. With a multitude of available accessories, the 3600 RC Automatic Roller Paver can be outfitted to meet almost any job specifications. Features of the 3600 RC Paver at World of Concrete include fogger technology to enhance the curing process and ensure optimal concrete strength and durability; swing legs to navigate challenging terrains; power crown feature, allowing for seamless adjustments to the concrete profile during the paving process; and sidewalk paver option that provides contractors with the versatility to handle both mainline and sidewalk paving, streamlining the construction process and maximizing efficiency.

Visit the Bid-Well Booth #N1937 at World of Concrete 2023 from January 22-25, 2024, to experience first-hand the capabilities of the 3600 RC Paver and learn more about Bid-Well's commitment to innovation in concrete paving technology.