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Bridge and Flatwork Paver

The 3600 bridge paver is a versatile concrete paving machine. Not only is it capable of efficiently paving bridges, but with the proper accessories can also be used to tackle the toughest road paving projects. With a multitude of available accessories, the 3600 Automatic Roller Paver can be outfitted to meet almost any job specifications.

With paving widths ranging from 8 ft / 2.4m to 86 ft / 26.1 m the Terex Bid-Well 3600 roller paver is the ideal mid-sized roller paver for bridges, roads and flatwork; however, the 3600 is also a versatile side slope and ditch paver with the DP3600 and SP3600 variations available. This level of versatility is why Terex Bid-Well sets the standard in concrete paving and is just another way Terex Bid-Well Works For You.
Specification Value
Truss Size 36 in / 92 m
Max Paving Width 86 ft / 26.2 m
Operating Weight (Standard) 7,760 lbs / 3,519.9 kg
Truss Depth 36 in / 0.91 m
Machine Length 36.5 ft / 11.2 m standard, can be extended to 90 ft / 27.4 m
Paving Width ■ Standard: 32.5 ft / 9.9m
■ Minimum: 8 ft / 2.4 m
■ Maximum: 86 ft / 26.1 m
Legs Heavy duty 4 in / 0.10 m diameter
Machine Travel 3 ft / 0.9 m wheel base (two driver and two idler bogies)
Crown Adjuster Manual
Operating Weight 7,760 lbs / 3,384 kg
Paving Carriage ■ Dual strike-off augers with double flighting, meters concrete with
each pass
■ Patented Rota-Vibe®
■ Turntable mounted for paving skewed decks without a crown
■ Dual 4 ft / 1.2 m long paving rollers
■ Paving roller rotation kit
■ Adjustable finishing pan with burlap drag
■ Paving carriage pivot cylinder
Power Standard: Two 20 HP / 15 kW air-cooled gas engines with 12-volt electric starters, one mounted on the frame at the operator's station that drives the machine and carriage travel.
The second is mounted on the carriage and drives the paving rollers and two augers.
Automatic Operation ■ Automatic machine move-up at the end of each paving carriage
pass 0-12 in / 0.37 m
■ Automatic cushioned paving carriage travel reversal
■ Operator can stop and reverse carriage travel at any point

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