Bridge and Flatwork Paver



Truss Size 48 in 1.2 m
Max Paving Width 116 ft 35.3 m
Operating Weight (Standard) 10,473 lbs 4,750.5 kg

The 4800 concrete paver performs four functions to help finish your concrete deck or slab to job specifications:

• The augers forward of the carriage trim excess concrete.

• The patented Rota-Vibe® system consolidates the top 2.75 in / 6.9 cm of concrete

• The paving rollers finish the concrete

• The drag pan system seals and textures the deck

The operator’s console on the 4800 offers easy access to machine and carriage function controls. The operator has access to power legs, machine and carriage travel speed controls along with a manual shift lever for carriage reversing. Most accessories can also be controlled from the operator’s console including power crown, internal concrete vibration system, power leg widening and carriage/drag pan fogging.

The 4800 shares the same versatility as the 2450 and 3600 model pavers while providing larger machine spans and more standard accessories. It’s capable of paving bridge decks, flatwork, roads, side slopes and highways with minimal set up time and the type of flexibility that is not available with a slipform. The 4800 has also been used for a variety of special applications, from gravel barge levelling to paving tank bottoms and dam faces. If you have a unique application, let us know and we can design a machine to fit your job specifications.

If the 4800’s maximum span of 160 ft / 36.8 m is not long to meet your job specifications, the Bid-Well Engineering Department can assist you with a custom machine configuration. With factory consultation, the 4800 is capable of reaching spans up to 200 ft / 61m providing a maximum paving width of up to 196 ft / 60 m. This type of configuration is ideal for very large, heavily skewed decks, or paving multiple lanes simultaneously with multiple carriages.


Specification Value
Truss Size 48 in / 1.2 m
Max Paving Width 116 ft / 35.3 m
Operating Weight (Standard) 10,473 lbs / 4,750.5 kg

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