Construction and Demolition Processing

Stationary System

Construction and demolition recycling facility

Stratford Baling is a C&D facility that accepts construction & demolition debris, municipal solid waste, recyclables, and wood waste. This facility was designed from the ground up to minimize occupied space and maximize debris throughput. Mixed waste is piled on the tipping floor then loaded onto a vibratory screen where it’s separated by size into two components. The 12” minus material is sent to a trommel that removes fines from mid-sized material. Valuable ferrous metal in the mix is removed by an overband magnet before the trommel. Mid-sized material is then sent to a three fraction density separator where aggregates and super lights are removed and sent to appropriate bins. The remaining debris travels to its final destination at the baler.

Overs that were separated at the vibratory screen are sent to the picking line where valuable recyclables such as copper, steel, aluminum, wood, and aggregates are manually sorted into bins. Sorting room chutes designated for wood waste drop material onto multiple conveyors beneath the picking station’s floor. These conveyors seamlessly load wood into a 400 HP CBI Magnum Force 8600 Horizontal Grinder located just outside the main facility walls. 

A dedicated wood loading area next to the CBI 8600 bypasses the main facility, saving time, energy, and resources when processing large volumes of pre-sorted wood. Depending on the desired final product, processed wood can either be stacked or sent to a 36” diameter by 48” wide Grizzly Mill for secondary grinding. The Grizzly Mill processes the wood into a finer end-product that is then stored into separate bays with levelling augers.

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