Air Knife Screens
  • AirMax Material Density Air Separator

    AirMax Material Density Separator

    The CBI AirMax Material Separator is one of CBI’s newest and most promising material management solutions. Developed as an efficient alternative to water tanks, the AirMax was designed for separating heavy materials such as aggregates, metals, glass, and more from lighter materials. Ideal for separating rock from wood and plastic, C&D recycling, glass recycling, mulch cleanup, compost cleanup, automotive fluff recycling, and a variety of other applications.

    Specification Value
    Motor Size 30hp direct frequency-driven 22kW direct frequency-driven
    Machine Length 31' 10" 9.7m
    Machine Width 7' 6" 2.2m
    Working Height 8' 1" 2.4m
    Weight 12,642lbs 5,732kg
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  • CBI Trommel Screen

    CBI Trommel Screen

    CBI’s Trommel Screen systems are designed for the most demanding applications. The trommel screen is commonly utilized for the removal of fines from bulky or pre-classified materials. The rotating drum rolls larger pieces over to allow all fines to flow down and through the trommel screen plates. It is preferred when the fines are too small for a vibratory screen to remove. Multiple sizes of CBI’s Trommel Screen are available to custom fit your stationary system layout.

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  • CBI Vibratory Screening System

    CBI Vibratory Screen

    The CBI Vibratory Screen is commonly utilized for the classification of bulky materials. This proven piece of vibratory screening equipment performs where other screens fail. Lateral wedge deflectors prevent material from shifting laterally and catching under or wrapping around finger tips, thus allowing the vibratory screen to remain clean for maximum screening efficiency.

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  • CBI disc screener screening system

    CBI Disc Screener

    The CBI Disc Screener is a low-maintenance, high-production means of separating dirt and abrasive fines out of all types of fed material. Its rugged and simple design makes for a reliable screening system that will last for years. The design allows large volumes of brush, stumps, construction and demolition waste (C&D), yard waste, grass, bark, bulky or irregular material to be screened during an application. Used in front of a CBI Grizzly Mill or a CBI Magnum Force Grinder, the CBI Disc Screener reduces the amount of component wear on the grinder and increases productivity.

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  • CBI Polyurethane Screen

    CBI Polyurethane Screener

    The CBI Polyurethane Screen is designed for powerful snapping of screen sections to generate a trampoline-like material movement (accelerating, separating, and dispersing particles to allow smaller particles to reach the screen surface and pass through freely). The combination of high acceleration (up to 50 g’s) and continuous screen flexing helps prevent blinding, plugging, clogging, caking, etc. Multiple sizes of CBI’s Polyurethane Screen are available to custom fit your stationary system layout.

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  • Star Screen by CBI

    Star Screener

    The CBI Star Screener, available in multiple sizes to fit your stationary system layout, is ideal for processing high-moisture compost, decomposed bark, mulch, peat, etc. A star screen separator helps eliminate binding inherent in high-moisture materials and CBI’s product is no exception. With stars mounted on closely-spaced parallel shafts, material is conveyed upwards when the shafts rotate. The star screener separates the fines from the larger material. The fines pass through the stars and the overs are conveyed past the end of the star screener.

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