Grinder Tip Selection

Our grinder tips are designed to give machine operators the ideal tip for whichever application they are processing. Whether you are grinding pallets, clean dimensional lumber, brush, bark, mulch or C&D debris, our grinding tips are proven to breakdown raw material with ease and efficiency. Customers can choose from the 2” tip, 3” short tip, 3” tall tip, spade tip and the wedge tip. Collectively, these grinding tip options are capable of grinding any material your project warrants.

Aside from the spade tip, which is a new option from CBI, each of our grinding tips feature a carbide surface. To get a better understanding of what each tip features for a design and what it handles for an application (primary or regrind), please read the Grinder Tip Selection data sheet. You will also find a screen and tip selection chart applicable to CBI’s 5800 Horizontal Grinder and 6800 Horizontal Grinder.


Data-driven decisions

Wear parts specialists are standing by to tell you exactly when you need to change tips. CBI's remote monitoring gives owners a detailed report of operating data, machine status, alarms, and key metrics. Users can be sent automated maintenance notices to stay proactive on tip and screen changes, keeping the machine at peak efficiency and eliminating the guesswork.

Connect with a CBI grinder tip specialist

Our grinder wear parts specialists can provide recommendations of the best tips and screens to use in your application. Here are a few considerations when replacing grinder tips:

  • When was the last time you changed your tips?
  • How many hours of work have you put on your tips?
  • Are your control settings and feed speeds ideal for your application?
  • Are your tips and screens ideal for the material being fed into the grinder?
  • What's the desired specification size of the final product you're hoping to produce?

Contact us if you're interested in ordering from our selection of rugged grinding tips. Our parts representatives are available at (888) 224-4647 if you are calling from within the United States and (603) 378-9213 if you are calling from outside the United States. Our experienced wear parts representatives are also available at NWT.parts@terex.com.

CBI Grinder Tip Close Up

CBI's Replace-A-Face Grinder Tips

Our bolt-on hammer system allows the end user to swap out the face independent of the rest of the hammer for quick, easy, and inexpensive maintenance.