Yard Waste Grinders

High production yard waste grinders

CBI manufactures industry leading yard waste grinders for a variety of uses. In many States, yard waste, green vegetative organic material like brush, leaves, grass etc. have been banned from landfills because biodegradable waste in landfill breaks down to biogas containing methane, which if not captured is a potent greenhouse gas that harms the environment. Plus, much of this material is easily recycled into very usable and salable end products like fuel, mulch, and soil amendments. Municipalities and private contractors frequently turn to CBI for the world’s most productive and efficient yard waste grinders to process this material and maximize throughput and revenue.

Yard waste grindersBioCycle’s State of Organics Recycling in the U.S. report indicates that at least 62 percent of composting facilities in the United States process raw yard trimmings and brush—similar to what’s dropped off at the transfer stations served by many CBI grinders. Of the 35 states reporting, 14.4 million tons of yard trimmings were diverted per year and represented the largest diverted category of material in America.

6800CT grinding yard waste and brush in Connecticut