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Hurricane and storm debris grinders

Storm debris grindingWhere Excellence meets Resilience and where Grit meets Grind

Emerging as a beacon of reliability, CBI’s journey began with one of the first grinders rising to the occasion to process storm debris after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Since then, our machines have stood tall and have been the backbone of recovery after countless major storms, notably Hurricane Katrina. CBI grinders have earned their stripes, tackling heavy-duty, no-nonsense jobs that come right after natural disasters.

A Testament to Reliability

When Hurricane Michael slammed the southern United States in 2018, contractors didn’t blink twice before turning to CBI grinders. They placed their trust in the dependability and remarkable production rates of CBI grinders. These robust machines surged ahead, seamlessly processing materials and driving the restoration effort to get things back on track.

Built to Outmuscle: The CBI Offset Helix Rotor

The design of CBI’s offset helix rotor minimizes energy loss from each strike and distributes material evenly across the 24 hammers, requiring less power while outproducing the competition. 

Real Stories, Real Results

Don't just take our word for it. Dive into the gritty details of our case study videos down below. Watch how CBI machines put their money where their mouth is, taking the lead in disaster response after storms and hurricanes.

At CBI, we don’t just craft well built machines; we engineer resilience, reliability and unwavering performance. Join us in redefining disaster response and recovery. Contact us to discover the power of CBI today.


Be Storm-Ready with CBI: Efficient Storm Debris Clean-Up Solutions

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CBI Grinders processing Hurricane Michael Debris

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