Biomass Chippers and Grinders

Converting wood waste into heat and electricity

What is biomass

biomass wood grindingBiomass is made from organic materials, such as wood, to produce renewable fuel or electricity. When processed correctly, these organic materials can be converted to energy through combustion as burner fuel, chemical conversion, or anaerobic digestion. A common use of biomass includes grinding or chipping waste wood down to a specified size (spec) to be used as burner fuel at power plants.

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) engineers biomass chippers and grinders around the goals of environmental and economic efficiency. CBI’s equipment is designed to keep biomass out of landfills and in the hands of manufacturers who efficiently transform it into biofuel.

CBI machines are purpose-built for biomass production

It all starts with CBI’s unique offset-helix rotor. Based on the principles of kinetic energy, the heavy-duty rotors require less power to rotate continuously, while aggressively outperforming other rotors in terms of throughput. The optimized design of CBI’s heavy-duty anvils, screens, hammer configuration and cutting angles work in concert to deliver a superior cutting process and highest-value end product. This can, for example, be leveraged by manufacturers of wood pellets (when the feed stock is logs) because it eliminates costly phases of their manufacturing process. A single pass through a CBI biomass chipper can yield short-chip (micro-chip) material that doesn’t need to go through the initial hammermill process before entering the dryer. The eliminated process greatly reduces power consumption and emissions.

Biomass recovery and processing companies can leverage CBI’s advancements in portability to reduce fuel consumption and the overall cost of transportation. Tracks or wheels as an option on CBI equipment allows owners to process material on site in dense woods, at landfills, and even over rugged terrain. In many cases, this eliminates the need to transport bulky raw material to a production facility, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions while increasing profit margins. Additionally, owners can grind, chip, or shred material to a size that makes the most sense for their particular applications, which maximizes each truck load while conforming to legal weight limits.

6400CT Horizontal Grinder regrinding waste wood into burner fuel