Construction Waste Recycling Equipment

Portable and stationary recycling equipment

construction and demolition wood waste recycling

CBI's extremely rugged and durable machines make them ideal for construction waste recycling. CBI’s Grizzly Mill is known as the heavyweight champion of the wood-waste industry and has been the backbone of CBI's biomass recovery systems since 1988. Construction and Demolition Recycling debris generation is expected to double world-wide by 2025.

Meeting the rising recycling demand from increased construction activity

Key determinants of debris generation in the United States, and around the world, indicate that the need for construction debris recycling will continue to grow. Increase in new construction is a positive indicator for demand generation in the wood-waste recycling industry, as seen by long-time CBI stationary systems customer, LEDR, who saw larger inbound debris volume following a recent construction boom in St. Louis. Complete, customized systems and mobile C&D recycling grinders are available depending on the needs of the contractor. CBI's heavy-duty grinders are uniquely built to overcome the challenges of contamination in this industry.

6400CT - Portable C&D waste processing

Solid steel rotors designed to thrive in rugged material

6400 Grinder Solid Steel Rotor

Complete custom C&D recycling system at LEDR