Organics Overview

Organics recyclingOrganic recycling markets prevent materials such as green waste, grass clippings, leaves, brush, and trees from ending up in landfills. These natural materials are often brought to organic recycling yards from landscapers, tree care professionals, waste management companies, and even residents. Recycling sites can process these materials into compost, mulch, soil amendments, biofuel, and other valuable end products.

CBI grinders continue to grow in popularity among environmental recycling yards. The unpredictable nature of inbound material often results in metal contaminants, such as sewer grates, hiding in piles. The Metal Detection System (MDS) on CBI grinders gives operators peace of mind when processing high volumes of organic material. Tips, screens, and unrestricted controls allow users to adapt to the economics of changing markets. See how CBI grinders are used in various organic recycling applications below.

CBI grinder processing compost

Organics Application Case Studies