Telematics System


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CBI T-Link Brochure

T-Link is a remote monitoring and fleet management system that keeps you connected to your CBI machine around the clock and around the world. Check the status from your phone, tablet, or computer. Satellite positioning and telematics software provide updated and detailed reports of operating data, machine status, and key metrics. Generate regular reports on the metrics that matter in your operation and identify areas of improvement to raise your bottom line. Anticipate maintenance and service needs based on factory recommended usage rates on components and wear parts. Users can be sent automated maintenance notices to stay proactive on maintenance, reducing downtime and keeping the machine in prime running condition year after year. 

Overview dashboard of equipment

Fleet Overview

A detailed and organized dashboard lets you check the status of all your equipment in one place. Simple customization options let each owner set up the dashboard to show the analytics that matter most. Custom date ranges and instant notification of critical statuses ensure users are proactive and always informed when managing performance, maintaining the machine, and maximizing profit.

Mapping Geofencing


Powered by satellite mapping technology, T-Link lets users view and use map and terrain data, imagery, and other relevant information. Always know your machine’s exact location and set alerts for when the machine leaves a pre-determined area. Users can also set parameters around certain times and know if any machine operates outside of set hours. Monitor past travel and usage.

Grinder Fleet Overview

Proactive Maintenance

Keep elite performance going with automatic maintenance alerts. T-Link monitors usage rates and will automatically recommend replacement parts at certain milestones. Having CBI wear parts delivered in regularly scheduled intervals will minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Take the guesswork out of your operation and know that your CBI is always in prime condition.

Telematics Performance


Know exactly where you stand on any given day by tracking the performance data of each machine. Users can generate accurate and updated reports of production tonnages and fuel consumption to calculate the exact value of an application. Analyze high-level and granular metrics to identify areas of improvement and sharpen your operation to raise the bottom line.

Alarms & Diagnostics

Alarms & Diagnostics

Receive alerts whenever a component needs your attention. Any issues are immediately located and relayed to your device. Alarm codes, source, descriptions, dates, and location make it easy for CBI’s 24/7 technical phone support to diagnose with solutions. Take full advantage of CBI’s staff of certified Field Service Engineers by knowing which components to service and the best time to do it.