CBI manufactures the most rugged and powerful forestry attachments in the industry. Continuous innovations to the Stump Shear and Log Screw designs have kept them out in front of the industry for years. Versatile designs allow for CBI attachments to be mounted on various machines. Our team will work with you to determine the best options for your machine and application.

  • CBI Root Rake

    Root Rake

    CBI's RR30 Root Rake grubs, pulls, backfills, rakes and loads... making “hog feed” out of dirt contaminated debris. Six massive primary rake tines clear root structure from the ground with ease, while the six secondary reinforced steel back-rake tines groom the surface area on the reverse stroke.

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  • CBI Stump Shear

    Stump Shear

    The CBI Stump Shear is a stump’s worst nightmare. The attachment is designed to grub, pull, backfill, shear, split and load... making uniform processed material out of the biggest stumps and butt logs at a rate of 50 tons or more per hour. Two massive ripper teeth pull stumps out of the ground, while the reinforced steel plate backfills the stump hole.

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  • CBI Screw Log Splitter

    Log and Stump Screw

    The CBI Log and Stump Screw is designed to split oversized butt logs, pole wood and stumps into more manageable-sized material to be further processed into firewood, wood fuel or other value-added finished products. Splits wood up to 7 feet in diameter and up to 20 feet in length with ease and efficiency and without the need for a larger machine. Ideal for all excavators, log loaders, front-end loader/backhoes, farm tractors and skid steer units.

    Specification Value
    Weight XP - 680 lbs. and XLP is 1500 lbs. XP is 205 kgs and XLP is 540 kgs
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