Railroad Tie Recycling

Portable and stationary grinders

Railroad ties, by design, are made from the hardest wood and are often the most contaminated with steel--which is why CBI designs powerful grinders and systems that are ideal for railroad tie grinding. Steady forecasted demand for railroad ties provides additional optimism for those in the railroad tie recycling industry and CBI’s specialized niche ability to process high-volumes of the toughest material. Contractors rising to increased demand for responsible railroad tie recycling don't need to look any further than CBI--these are the best grinders available for dealing with tough and contaminated material.

Railroad tie recycling and grindingCBI's portable and stationary solutions ensure a smooth operation when grinding railroad ties. The CBI 6400 is a heavy-duty grinder engineered for resiliency when grinding contaminated demolition debris, whole trees, storm debris, slash, and stumps. Simply put, the 6400 can do what other grinders in its class can’t. Four interchangeable rotors give this grinder the versatility needed for today’s changing markets.

Steel in a railroad tie
Steel in railroad tie
Magnet removes steel from railroad ties
Magnet removes steel from railroad tie
Railroad tie recycling end product
Screened final product

Railroad tie recycling system

Grinder for railroad tie recycling