Forestry Overview

ForestryForestry professionals around the world trust the CBI name for maximum production and superior reliability in remote locations. Responsible and effective forestry applications require equipment that can perform on difficult terrains and in difficult conditions. Horizontal grinders and wood chippers process trees, logs, stumps, brush, and other material into consistent final products.

In many cases of in-woods chipping and grinding, the remote location requires trucks and other logistical considerations. CBI re-imagined the value curve with loggers and land clearing contractors in mind. Maximum production rates from CBI grinders and chippers load trucks faster to keep the entire operation moving at an efficient pace. CBI’s offset helix rotor design and reinforced hog box provide owners with the best production rates. High-clearance tracks and rugged components offer superior mobility and reliability in remote locations. See some of the case studies below.

CBI forestry wood grinder

Forestry Application Case Studies