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The Galloo Group is a leading European recycling company specialising in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The Company processes discarded consumer goods and factory scrap, and converts them into secondary raw materials.
With branches in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, the Galloo Group is strongly anchored in these regions, with one of the most important locations being its branch in Ghent, which is located directly on the Ghent Canal. On the 8-hectare site, thousands of tonnes of material is delivered daily by lorries and ships, then sorted, processed and sold again worldwide as valuable raw materials.

The site has an 800 m long quay, which has been dredged to a navigable depth of 12.5 m. Up to 120,000 tonnes of scrap is loaded here every month and exported to Asia, Egypt and Turkey.
In addition, there is plenty of space here for another business area - the dismantling of ships and boats of up to 5,000 tdw. Around 40 scrap-ready ships of various sizes have been professionally recycled here annually over the past 75 years, and around 30,000 tonnes of steel recovered from them for reuse. After delivery, the ships are dismantled into individual parts and these are carefully sorted and separated by the scrapping team with the help of modern technology. Up to 98% of valuable secondary raw materials can be reused after the ship has been dismantled.
To ensure that all processes run smoothly, the demands on the site’s machinery in particular are very high. The Galloo Group uses a total of 12 Fuchs loading machines in its daily operations. Thanks to the extremely stable mobile undercarriage, the 22 m loading equipment and a variable and optimal viewing height for loading and unloading trucks and ships, the new MHL380 F is proving to be a reliable and ideally suited handling machine in the port of Ghent.

The new Fuchs MHL380 closes the gap between the MHL375 and MHL390 and features up to 20% lower fuel consumption com-pared to its predecessor, without sacrificing power or working speed. As the requirements for machines in the 70 tonne class are particularly high and versatile, special attention was paid to the steel construction of the Fuchs MHL380 F. With the help of state-of-the-art FEM simulations, the boom, arm, superstructure and undercarriage were optimally designed for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s multi-shift operation in the steelmills or sub-zero temperatures at the harbour quay - the MHL380 F performs even under the toughest working conditions.

Better driving comfort and low wear
Excellent driving performance, even on poor ground conditions
Reduced ground pressure due to better load distribution
Lower wear due to larger surface area.

Individual and flexible
Thanks to Fuchs’ modular design principle, the MHL380 can also be individually adapted to customer requirements. Banana boom for loading and unloading ships, wide crawler undercarriages for unpaved ground or pylons for maximum overview, all this and much more turn the standard model into a customised MHL380 F for you.

Easy adjustment via the display monitor
Through the display monitor, the driver can infinitely adjust pressures for the open, close and rotate grab functions, as well as the litre quantities of the rotate grab function for each application individually as required.

"With the new MHL380 F, we have received a machine that is tailor-made for our requirements: maximum handling capacity, lower fuel consumption and reliability in the toughest working conditions. In addition, the Fuchs Comfort Cab is highly appreciated by our drivers. Thanks to the large, sound-insulated Fuchs. Comfort Cab, the long working shifts are less tiring. The excellent all-round visibility enables our drivers to keep all processes in view at all times. This greatly increases workplace safety."

Jan Vandeputte, CEO Galloo Ghent







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