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Recognizing and optimally exploiting potential

Fuchs® Connect: so that you know exactly what is going on, how and where.

The system offers a modern solution for analyzing and optimizing the efficiency of your machinery. It records and transmits valuable data about the operating status of each individual machine:

  • Where are the machines located?
  • How are they currently being used?
  • Is it due for a service check?

Everything at a glance: connect your existing OEM telematics systems and import your fleet telematics data using the AEMP standards.

Benefit from this advanced software to network your fleet and keep a close eye on everything at all times.

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Increased efficiency through precise information.

Available anytime, anywhere 

Online via PC, tablet or smartphone

Machine overview

The entire machine park at a glance

Machine data

Status display for each individual machine

Order processing

Details about each deployment

Utilization report

Recognize and exploit potential for optimization

Easy to use

Everything at a glance


Weekly reports

Automatic dispatch by email


Longer operating times

Less downtime