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MHL340 F


MHL340 F

Mobile (Pylon)

MHL340 F (Pylon)


RHL340 F

Crawler (Pylon)

RHL340 F (Pylon)

Stationary (Pylon)

AHL340 F (Pylon)


AHL340 F

Key Facts

Engine power EU-Stage V 173 hp 129 kW
EnginePowerEPATier3 171 hp 128 kW
Electric motor 110 kW 110 kW
Max. service weight without attachments max. 67,461 lbs max. 30.6 t
Reach max. 44' 11" Max 13.7 m


Our all-rounder


With an impressive maximum reach and high load capacity, the Fuchs MHL340 is one of the top international models in recycling and scrap handling. Whether household waste, construction waste, biomass, or mixed scrap, our MHL340 F is the optimal machine for your needs. Our finely tuned 2-circuit hydraulics ensure fast, precise, and powerful work cycles with maximum useful performance. On request, the MHL340 F can be equipped with our hydraulic Fuchs Quick Connect (FQC) system. With the FQC upgrade, the MHL340 F is transformed into a multifunctional work device that is still unparalleled today.

  • Dynamic two-circuit hydraulics for precise and fast loading cycles
  • Fuchs Quick Connect Ready
  • Fuchs Connect: Automated service reminders via telematics