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MHL370 F


MHL370 F

Mobile (Pylon)

MHL370 F (Pylon)


RHL370 F

Crawler (Pylon)

RHL370 F (Pylon)


AHL370 F

Stationary (Pylon)

AHL370 F (Pylon)

Key Facts

Engine power EU-Stage V 308 hp 230 kW
EnginePowerEPATier3 308 hp 230 kW
Electric motor 200 kW 200 kW
Max. service weight without attachments max. 114,640 lbs max. 52 t
Reach max. 59' Max 18 m


XL single solid rubber tires as standard


Our MHL370 impresses with its massive undercarriage, which creates enough space for the 59" SETCO single solid rubber tires. Counterweight, lifting cylinder, and motor power have been significantly increased. This serves a single purpose: maximum performance even in the most difficult spaces. But the MHL370 not only cuts a good figure on uneven terrain. The impressive load capacity and excellent stability make the 370 the first choice for large, unpaved scrapyards or steelmills.

  • SETCO single solid rubber tires for outstanding performance even on suboptimal ground conditions
  • Closed swivel circuit for fast, energy-efficient loading cycles
  • Fuchs Connect: automatic service reminders via telematics