The Beginning of a new era - F120 MH

Fuchs®—manufacturer of specialist material handling equipment—presents the F120 MH, a new machine for port handling. Boasting an impressive output of up to 500 kW and a service weight of up to 150 tonnes, the F120 MH is the largest and heaviest Fuchs machine to date. Safety, productivity, user-friendliness, and energy efficiency were the focus during the development of this machine.

The maximum reach of 27 meters combined with the banana boom significantly facilitates the unloading of bulk freighters and barges, while the height adjustable cabin system provides an excellent view of the working area, due to its viewing height of up to 12 meters.


The Fuchs Comfort Cab features soundproofed, heat-protected panoramic windows for excellent all-around visibility, as well as an air-suspended comfort seat with integrated armrests and lumbar and headrest support. Various joystick options are available to further enhance operating comfort, while several camera systems displayed on a separate monitor increase safety of the working environment.

The unique Fuchs Service Platform offers convenient access to all essential components such as the engine compartment, Fuchs Blue Hybrid system components, central lubrication system, air filters and tanks. This allows for safe and easy inspections and maintenance. Additionally, the generously sized maintenance flaps made of sheet steel provide optimal access to the components. Customised catwalks and stairs are also available.

The semi-automatic quick coupler, with a capacity of 20 tonnes, allows the use of various attachments, enabling the machine to be quickly adapted and flexibly used depending on the handling material. This is further facilitated by the standard Tool Control.



Like all other Fuchs machines, the F120 MH can be individually configured based on the proven modular system. It comes standard with a low maintenance crawler undercarriage and offers customer-specific options for the undercarriage, including mobile, stationary, or gantry undercarriages.


A standout feature of the F120 MH is the Blue Hybrid System, which stores excess energy when lowering the loading equipment to use it in the next loading cycle. This regenerative process can achieve energy savings of up to 35%. Combined with thermal regulation that ensures an optimal operating temperature of the hybrid system, the F120 MH offers maximum energy efficiency.

The F120 MH undoubtedly marks the beginning of a new era for Fuchs in port handling. With its impressive size, innovative technology, and outstanding performance, it sets new standards and meets the demands of an ever-evolving industry.

Find further information about the F120 MH here.