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Terex Tower Cranes Fill the Skies of Puglia, Italy

Terex Tower Cranes are working on several prestigious projects across the Puglia region of south-east Italy—from converting dilapidated warehouses into railway stations and modern living spaces, to regenerating the ancient and picturesque Old Town of Taranto and strengthening the Italian Navy’s Benedetto Brin dock, the oldest in Italy, built in 1889. 

The projects all fall under the ‘Piano Casa’ law, which promotes the regeneration of existing land and buildings to improve the architectural and environmental quality of living space, while containing construction to land that has already been developed. 

Projects underway in Bari, the capital city of the Puglia region, include the construction of the Poggiofranco district, a building renovation project coordinated by local company Resnova Immobiliare Bari. The project is tackling the demolition and reconstruction of old buildings to be used for residential, office and commercial premises. One such building includes the Vèrdica project, an eco-friendly structure consisting of 14 floors and 110 apartments, with a height that will reach 55 m. Front and centre on the construction site is the CTT 222-10, the newest in the line of city class flat top cranes offered by Terex Tower Cranes, with a height of 62 m and outreach of 65 m. Also central to the site is another city class flat top crane, the CTT 121-5 of 54 m height and 50 m outreach. Both cranes are equipped with TS16 towers.

The "Gilda Bio APT Park" is another construction site in Bari, headed up by the De Marco company. Again, the initiative is designed to redevelop, regenerate, and reuse existing buildings to limit the depletion of additional land. What was once dilapidated warehouses will become a vibrant and modern residential and commercial complex, as well as two railway stations. Here Terex Tower Cranes’ city class flat top range is also being used: the CTT 172-8 crane, with 45 m height, 65 m outreach and TS16 tower, erected on plinth, and a CTT 91-5, with 30 m height, 50 m outreach and TS12 tower, erected on wagon.

Two Terex Self-Erecting Cranes, FC 6.24H, are in operation at Sannicandro di Bari, characterized by the same set-up (height 26 m; outreach 24 m). The first is active at the hands of the local company La Stella, renovating an existing building by means of demolition and reconstruction, with added complexity of requiring anti-seismic criteria and related volumetric enlargement. The second site is managed by Masellis construction company, in a similar demolition and reconstruction project.

The towns of Barletta, Bisceglie and Terlizzi will also be enriched with several ‘Piano Casa’ projects. One includes the restoration and traditional rehabilitation of the facades of a civil building in Barletta, carried out by CO.RI.ME. Construction. The company is using a CTT 202-10 flat top crane, erected on a foundation, with TS16 towers, to reach a height of 45 m and an outreach of 65 m. In Bisceglie, ESA Impianti is using a CBR28 Plus self-erecting crane with a height of 21.6 m and outreach of 28 m, for the restoration the Villa Finizia building, with related conservative rehabilitation, seismic improvement, and energy efficiency requirements. Terlizzi has similar work being completed in the former Flower Market area, using a CTT 132 flat top crane erected at a height of 36 m (with an outreach of 60 m) by the firm Pellegrini Costruzioni.

In the coastal city of Taranto, two striking projects are underway. The first is in the very centre of the Old Town, where the Apulia company is rehabilitating and redeveloping the historic Palazzo Troilo, located in Piazza Duomo, using a CTT91-5 flat top crane, with a height of 36 m and outreach of 50 m. The second prominent construction site involves a CTT 172-8 with a 65 m outreach and 35 m height, located inside the Military Maritime Arsenal, which, along with those in Augusta and La Spezia, is one of the Italian Navy's three remaining active sites. This project involves the renovation and strengthening of the Benedetto Brin dock, the oldest in Italy (built in 1889) and characterized by a length of 250 m, a width of 50 m and a depth of 13 m. The crane is being used, under contract by CME (Consorzio Imprenditori Edili) of Modena and the construction company EdilCasa Società Cooperativa of Martina Franca (TA), to support the work, which is expected to be completed in summer 2023.

Finally, in Polignano a Mare, a CTT 91-5 flat top crane erected on a wagon with a TS12 tower is being operated by the Consoli Group of Alberobello (BA) to reach a height of 30 m and an outreach of 50 m. The crane will be engaged until 2025 in the construction of a series of buildings intended for civil housing and commercial activities.

The cranes featured throughout these Puglia projects are predominantly Terex City Class Flat Top Cranes, ideally suited due to their versatility and ability to adapt to different construction sites. Designed with Industry 4.0 technology, these cranes stand out thanks to their modular design and special features such as the S-Pace cab, T-Link telematics platform and T-Torque rotation technology. This is coupled with the latest generation of electronic control systems, such as TPP (Terex Power Plus) to boost operating capacity and TPM (Terex Power Match) to lower energy consumption, along with anti-collision and zoning systems.

Puglia Gru Service, based in Altamura (Bari), at the heart of the Puglia region is a key player across all these prestigious construction sites, and with their strict safety and quality service requirements are an excellent partner for Terex Tower Cranes in the region. "Compliance with international safety and certification standards, specialization and continuous updating of personnel distinguishes our organization," a spokesman of Puglia Gru Service explains. "Our collaboration with Terex Tower Cranes, with whom we have begun to shape our fleet of cranes, is significant—they guarantee us the supply of modern, state-of-the-art, high-performing cranes - as well as related service - of a level that will enable us to continue expanding our ambitious goals."

Paolo Di Giambattista, Terex Tower Cranes Sales Manager for Italy and Southern Europe says, “Puglia Gru Service is a knowledgeable and experienced partner, seen by their presence in these prestigious construction sites in Puglia, in a period characterized by a strong demand for construction cranes in the region. With our solutions and experienced team, we can meet the variety of demands needed across these projects, offering first-class equipment that meets the specific requirements for each site, in terms of capacity, outreach, free heights and control and maneuverability systems.”

"It is a source of great pride to have begun this collaboration with Puglia Gru, a company that has demonstrated (over many years of activity) extreme professionalism, high competence in the construction crane sector and a unique ability to penetrate the market. I am impressed by the investments taking place in the Apulian territory, largely aimed at eco-sustainable construction, and by the amount of Terex cranes at work. On many construction sites, cranes are working in constrained, prohibitive spaces but, thanks to their features that are now well known and recognized worldwide, they can bring a variety of benefits to the end user, facilitating their tasks both in assembly and in handling and use," concludes Angelo Cosmo, Senior Marketing Manager for Terex Tower Cranes and Terex Rough Terrain Cranes.

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