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Whatever your lifting needs, you'll find the right Terex Tower Crane for you.


Whether you're erecting a futuristic skyscraper in London, renovating a refuge in the Alps, building a bridge in New York, or need to move goods around your company's yard, whatever architecture and construction style you’re working with, there’s a Terex Tower Crane design that’s just right for providing you the maximum return on your investment. Terex doesn’t limit you to one tower crane design that you need to adapt to your application. Instead, Terex Tower Cranes are available in Self Erecting, Flat Top, Luffing Jib and Hammerhead varieties, each with a wide range of sizes and capacities. You can choose the right equipment for your project to get the versatility to perform all challenging and specific job site duties.

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small residential

Small residential

From small houses to apartment buildings, from self-erecting cranes to city-class tower cranes; cranes can easily adapt to the different building sites layouts. We have the right machine no matter the job site.


residential and commercial

Residential & commercial

The best choice for building in any suburban or city setting where larger self-erecting and flat top cranes are required based on capacity and jib length. Offices, shops, malls, apartments built maximizing time and profit.

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High rise

Cities are getting bigger, and downtown areas are becoming everyday more difficult to operate lifting equipment in. Tower cranes satisfy demanding heights and confined spaces requirements.

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Whether maintaining or creating new infrastructure, cranes are an essential part of this process. Mobility is essential in this setting, tower cranes are designed to perfectly integrate into the dynamics of any worksite.


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A huge number of goods need to be handled in ports everyday; luffing jib tower cranes are the best tool to assist in these areas, providing support around the site and the ability to lift heavy loads quickly and efficiently.

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Many machines and plants are operating at a mining site so cranes need to be versatile and flexible in their operating. Terex tower cranes are an asset for maintenance, repairs and assembling other mining machinery.


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Energy related

Energy comes from many different sources and tower cranes are a must for building dams and power plants with a requirement here for reaching heights whilst also requiring the ability to lift heavy weights.


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Yard logistics


Whether objects need to move from a static point or need to be moved around the job site Terex tower cranes are the perfect tool when it comes to yard logistics, no matter where the area is.