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Innovation arises from solid foundations

Tower Cranes design and assembly is fully gathered in the facility of Fontanafredda (Pordenone), a small town in the North East of Italy, equally distant from the Adriatic sea and the Alps, close to Venice. The Fontanafredda plant, Gru Comedil Srl, houses R&D, production, sales, service and parts. A dedicated testing facility located in Polcenigo is the place to test all the new prototypes and technical improvements that we constantly apply on our tower cranes.

Our Italian production includes all range of tower crane products: self erecting, flat top, luffing jib and hammerhead.

Since the Companies’ foundation in the ‘60s the know-how involved in the manufacture and design of Tower Cranes has never ceased to grow and improve. Prove of that are the countless job sites spotted around the world where our cranes succeed on delivering.

We are a key player in making the places where we live, work, manufacture, play, mine, produce energy and move the world’s goods. You, our customers, are the one working in everyday challenges to lift load in any kind of environment and heights. You are enabling a growing and greener supply of energy for the future; you are building bridges connecting people and fostering growth.


Terex Tower Cranes is part of the Materials Processing segment at TEREX CORPORATION, a global manufacturer of aerial work platforms and materials processing machinery. Terex Corporation designs, builds, and supports products used in construction, maintenance, manufacturing, energy, minerals and materials management applications from its facilities spread all over the world in North and South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.



The Company was established in 1962 and in 1986 the manufacturing moved to Fontanafredda, rapidly becoming the reference brand in the market for Flat Top Tower Cranes.  In 1998 the company became part of Terex Corporation that invested on a fully brand new facility opened in 2007. Since then, Terex has been strongly investing in research & development, launching new cranes leading the market as the biggest luffer CTL 1600-66 with 66 ton capacity in 2014 and the first hydraulic luffer in 2019.