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HydroScrub 200

Recycling Redefined

HyrdroScrub Recycling Machine

The Terex Washing Systems HydroScrub™ 200 has been specifically engineered to work in wash recycling applications.

The HydroScrub™ Hull forms the core of the machine, and can easily be adjusted to work in Logwasher or HydroScrub™ mode, thus offering the operator maximum flexibility to optimise the machine performance. From upward hydro-injection, to variable speed logs, the HydroScrub™ offers many intelligent features that allow the operator to process a wide range of feed materials, from difficult to scrub conglomerated aggregates and clays, to aggregate that are heavily laden with light contaminants such as organics, plastics and wood.  Neatly packaged on a modular chassis, the HydroScrub™ 200 utilises an on-board full rinsing 2-Deck Pre-Screen, 2-Deck aggregate sizing screen, high capacity trash screen & single central collection sump. All round walkway access and multiple maintenance hatches complete an easy to operate, easy to maintain complete rinsing, scrubbing and sizing solution.

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