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TDS 815

Slow Speed Shredder

The Terex Ecotec TDS 815 Compact Slow Speed Shredder is a cutting-edge solution in waste processing, featuring a compact 1.5m twin shaft shredding unit for efficient material reduction. With quick-change shafts for enhanced adaptability and maintenance efficiency, it stands out as a versatile choice.

Operators can choose to run the shredder with synced or independent shafts, aligning perfectly with specific application requirements. Powered by a CAT 4.4 140kw stage V engine, weighing 16,500 kilograms, and equipped with T-Link telemetry system, this shredder is well suited for a range of applications. These include: skip waste, bulky waste, household waste, C&D, wood waste, green waste, building waste, stone and asphalt.

It's robust design, intelligent load-sensing hydraulics and user-friendly controls make it a game-changer in waste processing, offering innovation, adaptability, and reliability across various waste materials.

Specification Value
Shaft Length 4' 11" / 1,500mm
Weight 36,376lbs / 16,500kg
Engine CAT C4.4 140kW Stage V (EU) / CAT C4.4 188HP Stage V (EU)
Engine CAT C4.4 140kW Tier 4 Final (USA) / CAT C4.4 188HP Tier 4 Final (USA
Engine CAT C4.4 129kW Stage IIIA (ROW) / CAT C4.4 129HP Stage IIIA (ROW)

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