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For over 80 years Marco have been trusted to engineer robust and reliable equipment for the mining and mineral industries. With a comprehensive range of solutions that include portable, static and custom conveyors, as well as hoppers and structures, a Marco system enhances material flow so that operations can be streamlined.

Marco conveying systems offer a holistic approach to material transportation, significantly reducing the need for double handling of materials. This not only minimizes material loss but also leads to substantial reductions in manual labor requirements, ultimately enhancing on-site safety and lowering costs. A well-designed system will also reduce fuel consumption and maximise the efficiency of material flow.

The tubular truss conveyor that was pioneered by Marco are designed for durability and longevity. Tubular trusses feature cleaner frames that prevent debris build-up, ensuring a longer service life and reducing moisture retention that can lead to material corrosion. With completely sealed chord ends there is no rust on the inside, which increases service life. All materials meet or exceed American Institute of Steel Construction specifications for structural steel construction, and all welds conform to the American Welding Society Structural Welding Code.