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Introducing the CTT 152-6 Flat Top Tower Crane by Terex

New Flat Top Crane by Terex Tower Cranes will Raise Jobsites to New Heights

Terex Tower Cranes has launched its CTT 152-6 Flat Top Crane, designed to set new standards in performance, safety, and efficiency in the construction industry. With innovative features and advanced technology, this crane extends Terex Tower Cranes City Class offering and will raise jobsites to new heights.

Optimised Performance and Compliance

Designed with a focus on enhanced load chart performance, the CTT 152-6 introduces two powerful winch options: 18 kW and 22 kW, providing exceptional lifting capabilities and speeds of up to 104 m/min. It has a maximum capacity of 6 t with a competitive load chart and tip load of 1.7 t or 1.91 t when using Terex Power Plus. Its T-Torque slewing technology with customisable settings provides efficient, precise, and smooth movements, while the Terex Power Match (TPM) system reduces electric power consumption, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

The CTT 152-6 also boasts a 150 mt class capacity and is fully compliant with EN14439-Rev1 regulations, ensuring the highest standards of safety and reliability. Its flexible jib (from 25 m to 60 m), tower, and chassis configurations offer versatility and adaptability to suit various construction needs, with competitive free-standing tower heights of up to 61.2 m.

Optional features such as the T-Link Telematics Platform assists with remote fleet management and real-time data to assess the crane’s performance and optimise efficiency on construction sites.

Simplified Installation, Maintenance and Transportation

Design enhancements feature a pinned connection between the jib and slewing unit, along with the elimination of counterjib ballast basket. This enables the entire jib assembly to be effortlessly completed at ground level. Additionally, both hoisting rope and trolley rope can be installed from the ground. Each jib section features pre-assembled and independent safety line, further supporting safe and quick erection.

Ease of maintenance is supported with grated walkways, platforms, safety rails in the jib and counterjib along with a wide electrical cabinet with dedicated platform on slewing unit to enable maximum accessibility for all components. For added convenience, the complete upper part of the CTT 152-6 can be transported in three trucks or 4 HC 40 containers, streamlining logistics and reducing transportation costs.

Safe and Comfortable Working Environment

The S-Pace Cabin represents comfort and efficiency for operators, with a wide glass surface offering panoramic views along with an ergonomic design and intuitive controls that support operators in working with precision and confidence. With features such as adjustable seating, stereo audio speakers, built-in heating and cooling systems, the S-Pace Cabin creates an inviting workspace for operators, even during extended shifts.

The T-Lift Crane transforms operator safety and efficiency with fast lifting options of up to 40 m/min and a two-person lift capability that ensures safe and easy access to the mast of the crane. This not only facilitates convenient access to breaks away from the workstation but enables swift access for maintenance and support teams. Its robust construction, overspeed safety brake, and overload safety system further underscore its commitment to operator well-being and job site efficiency.

"Our CTT 152-6 represents a significant advancement in performance, safety, and efficiency," said Luca Grisenti, Engineering Director, Terex Tower Cranes. "Our commitment to simplifying installation processes and enhancing maintenance accessibility underscores our responsiveness to customer feedback. We are positive that the CTT 152-6 will support our customers in executing their various projects safely and efficiently."

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