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STK Elevates Crane-Fleet with order of 10 Terex Tower Cranes

Stravers Torenkranen(STK), a tower crane specialist based in the Netherlands, has placed its largest single order for 10 CTT Flat Top Terex Tower Cranes. This significant investment underscores STK's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and superior service delivery to their customers.

Established in 1987 as a maintenance company for construction equipment, STK has consistently set benchmarks in the construction, industrial and petrochemical sector, evolving to become an all-round crane specialist. Known for their knowledge and years of experience, their fleet of 130 cranes ensures that they can offer the ideal lifting solution for any construction project. 

The flat top tower cranes ordered by STK are characterised by quality workmanship that provides reliable performance under continuous operation. Easy erection, maintenance and parts modularity provide a high level of cost-effectiveness, while ergonomic cabs enable crane operators to work efficiently. Among the order are five CTT 152-6 models, the latest innovation by Terex Tower Cranes. 

Commenting on the milestone order, Matthieu de Sevaux, Chief Executive Officer, STK said, "Our latest investment in Terex Tower Cranes, notably the CTT 152-6 series marks our commitment to staying at the forefront of industrial advancements and reinforces our dedication to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work. With powerful winch options providing exceptional lifting capabilities, flexible jib configurations, and compliance with the highest safety standards, these cranes exemplify reliability and efficiency. Moreover, features like the T-Link Telematics Platform and the S-Pace Cabin ensure seamless operation and a safe, comfortable working environment for  valued crane- operators. T-Link also offers the capability to remotely monitor the crane and support the crane operator in all their needs.”

“STK is also pleased with the growing presence of Terex Tower Cranes in the market, facilitated by a well-structured distribution network. This means customers have access to local service and support, contributing to the residual value of their cranes.”

Designed with a focus on enhanced load chart performance, the CTT 152-6 introduces two powerful winch options: 18 kW and 22 kW, providing exceptional lifting capabilities and speeds of up to 104 m/min. It has a maximum capacity of 6 t with a competitive load chart and tip load of 1.7 t or 1.91 t when using Terex Power Plus. Its T-Torque slewing technology with customisable settings provides efficient, precise, and smooth movements, while the Terex Power Match (TPM) system reduces electric power consumption, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Paolo Di Giambattista, Area Sales Manager for Terex Tower Cranes said, “We are delighted with the outcome of this significant sales milestone and the strengthened business relationship it fosters with STK - one of our most committed distributors. This order represents STK’s continuous efforts to renewing their fleet of cranes and embracing new technology that delivers superior performance. By offering the latest, most advanced products and maintaining a professional customer service, STK aims to solidify its position as a market leader.”

Further elaborating on the order Lee Maynard, Global Sales Director, Terex Tower Cranes added, "This is an exceptional order in terms of the number of units. It is also satisfying to see that part of this order is made up of five CTT 152-6 models. These will be the first of these units delivered to the Netherlands and I am sure they will keep STK at the forefront of delivering the latest, innovative and industry leading cranes to their clients."

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