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Terex Tower Cranes and the renovation of the Torri di Trento residential complex

For nearly fifty years the “Towers of Trento” have soared over the Trento skyline, rising to a height of 13 stories. The 14 high-rise buildings, called Torri di Madonna Bianca were built in 1975 in South Trento and are now home to more than 500 families, about 1,400 residents in all.

The massive renovation project for the residential complex kicked off in late 2022 with work on the first three towers, supported by the Italian government’s “110% Superbonus” tax credit initiative that focused on energy efficiency upgrades as well as both seismic performance enhancements and aesthetic improvements. Work on the remaining towers will begin over the course of next few months. The sites will be designed and managed with the aim of minimizing the inconvenience for the residents of the apartments, which will remain fully occupied during the works.

Three Terex CTT 202-10 tower cranes, with heights of 56 m, 59 m, and 62 m, respectively, each with a 65 m jib, are currently operating at the site. With a maximum lifting capacity of 10 tonnes and a jib tip capacity of 2.33 tonnes, these units are distinguished by the exceptional speed and ease with which they can be set up and dismantled. The expert technicians of the Trento-based company Tecnoedil erected the units in a matter of hours, under the watchful and entertained eyes of the neighborhood residents, who were observing matters from their balconies. It’s not every day you get to watch the jib of a crane being lifted right outside your front window.

“We’re very familiar with Terex’s City Class models, which we’ve been working with for many years. They’re versatile and easy to maintain, which is ideal for our large fleet of hundreds of rental cranes,” says Mauro Facchinelli, the owner of Tecnoedil, a Terex reseller and rental company that services the Trento province. “In recent years we’ve equipped part of our fleet, including the cranes operating at the Torri di Madonna Bianca, with the T-Link Telematics platform. It’s particularly useful for the rental business. T-Link lets us manage our fleet remotely, which helps us optimize maintenance and servicing. When a call comes in from one of our customers, we can quickly identify the nature of the problem by remotely connecting to the machine, without the need to arrange an on-site visit. Our technician can then carry out the work right from the office, or, if they do need to physically go to the site, they’ll arrive already prepared for the problem that needs to be solved, and equipped with any spare parts they may need. It’s easy to see how this drastically reduces downtime and optimizes our technical operations, which is very gratifying both for the customer and for us.”

“Tecnoedil is a key partner for Terex, and we’ve been working with them very successfully for many years,” adds Paolo Di Giambattista, Sales Area Manager for Terex Tower Cranes. “Their professionalism, advanced technical skills, and up-to-date market knowledge guarantee Tecnoedil a leading position in its target region and provide Terex with valuable feedback for the continuous improvement of its products.”

Tecnoedil Noleggi srl, a long-established company operating in Trentino Alto Adige in the construction equipment and machinery sales and rental sector, has been growing and evolving since 1961, when its founder launched a business repairing and maintaining construction equipment with a particular focus on cranes. Its continuous expansion has been marked by milestones such as the launch of the rental business in the early 1990s and the construction of the company’s headquarters in Spini di Gardolo in 2000, which then doubled in size in 2005. Today, with its close-knit team of highly trained and professional employees, Tecnoedil offers construction companies an appropriate and efficient fleet of rental equipment and a technical, commercial and financial consulting service.

TECNOEDIL NOLEGGI S.r.l. - Via Praga 1 - Loc Spini di Gardolo 38121 Trento –
tel +39 0461 990748 - r.a. fax +39 0461 99051


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