Terex® Auger Drills Boast New Technology to Improve Productivity, Maintenance

Watertown, S.D. – (Oct. 3, 2017) – Terex Utilities will debut completely redesigned Terex® A330 and A650 auger drills during the International Construction & Utility Equipment Expo (ICUEE). “Innovation is at the foundation of all continuous improvements Terex makes to its equipment,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing.


Enhancements to the Terex auger drills include the transition to a hydrastatic drive transmission and enhanced control system that allow for easier operation productivity along with remote diagnostics and easier troubleshooting and support.


“The A330 and A650 also feature radio remote controls — a first in auger drill operation,” Caywood added. The new operating system allows the truck, unit controller, and unit engine to talk to each other, which supports the application of radio remote controls. The advantage for the operator is improved productivity, comfort, and visual reference.


The enhanced auger drills have many features that are automated, including auto brake release, inner-Kelly retract stop, inner-Kelly slack stop, home position, return to center and dig depth. The ‘return to center’ allows the operator to return the auger to the drill position used previously. “This keeps the hole at the proper diameter and the proper vertical position throughout the dig, regardless of how many times the operator needs to clean the dirt from the auger tool,” said Gary Rice, Terex South Regional Sales Manager.


“Optional telematics are also available that when used in conjunction with a customer supplied cellular or internet connection, can broadcast data from the drill and truck, such as GPS location and other desired information,” said Caywood.


Customers can order their auger drill with a command post and joystick controls, with new design that allows the display monitor to be mounted there or used remotely with the radio controls. Other enhancements improve maintenance access or reduce potential issues, such as hydraulic leak, by eliminating almost 40 percent of the current hydraulic fittings and hoses through the new control system.


“Not only are we delivering great solutions and real innovation to our customers but we also retain the solid performance, reliability and rugged durability that Terex drills are known for,” said Rice.
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