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    Terex builds custom trucks so our customers have the right truck for the right job.

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    Terex equipment is built to get the job done in any conditions.

  • Built. Different.

    Terex equipment is made in America and built to the rugged specifications of our customers.

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Terex Utilities is a leading global manufacturer of bucket trucks and digger derricks for the electric utility industry. Our trucks are made in America, built to the specifications of our customers, and manufactured to enhance safe work practices of utilities around the world. Terex Utilities makes reliable equipment that is ready to go to work in the rain, snow, wind, and any condition utility crews might face. Terex trucks are built in the U.S.A. Terex equipment is built to last.

Terex equipment is Built. Different.


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Where Does Terex Build Its Trucks?

Terex Utilities is proud to manufacture American-made bucket trucks, digger derricks, and auger-tooling for hard-working utility crews who build and maintain our nation's electrical infrastructure. Terex Utilities builds and installs aerial devices and digger derricks in South Dakota and Alabama.

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Does Terex Make Custom Trucks?

Terex Utilities is focused on manufacturing quality digger derricks and bucket trucks for the toughest utility jobs around the world. While the rest of the industry is moving toward standardized trucks and equipment; Terex continues to build custom units. Every utility and customer is unique, and Terex Utilities is committed to manufacturing trucks that are built to our customers' specifications.

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Terex is Focused on Safety

Safety is the number one priority for Terex Utilities. Terex is focused on a Zero Harm safety culture for the employees who manufacture our equipment and the utility crews who use our products. Terex builds equipment that supports the safe work practices of our customers and utility crews in the field.

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Is Terex a Transparent Company?

Terex Utilities operates as a subsidiary in the Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) segment of Terex Corporation which is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Terex is a fully-transparent company that is Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliant. Information about Terex can be easily found and analyzed by the public. When you buy your equipment from Terex Utilities, you buy from a company with decades of experience in the utility industry.

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Are Terex Trucks Reliable?

Terex customers expect our equipment to get the job done when they dispatch a unit. Our fiberglass winding process produces strong and rigid booms that are ready to go to work in the challenging conditions utilities encounter during outages and storms. The dual-cylinder construction of Terex digger derricks is unmatched in the industry and can tackle the toughest jobs. Terex equipment is built to go to work and keep working for the long haul.


Does Terex Provide Service and Support?

Terex bucket trucks and digger derricks are backed by service from expert technicians with the extensive product knowledge you expect. There are 21 Terex Services locations throughout the United States and more than 200 technicians available to perform inspections and repairs on your Terex equipment. Terex has factory-approved parts specifically manufactured to keep your units operating at peak performance for years to come.

Learn How to Manage Your Fleet

Terex Utilities does not only manufacture equipment that is built to last, Terex also has the latest technology to manage your fleet.

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