Terex Fully-Electric Bucket Truck

The Terex EV Aerial Device

Power Your Fleet with Green Energy!

The most technologically advanced Terex Bucket Truck is here. Built on an all-electric International eMV chassis, Terex EV Aerial Device is the first all-electric hydraulic utility bucket truck to roll off the line. Packed with all the power and reliability you've come to rely on from your Terex equipment to get each job done, this state-of-the-art Terex EV Aerial Device comes standard with a full-pressure, open-center hydraulic system, a side-mount two-person platform, multiplexed system controller with LCD screen, customizable settings and alerts, as well as having been tested and proven safe and reliable in the field and on the road.

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Green Solutions | The Terex EV
The Terex EV | Fully Electric Vehicle
Fully Digital Driver Display
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Batteries
Built on an eMV Series Chassis
Regenerative Braking



Chassis Motor

Electric Direct Drive

Charging Standard


Max Power

335hp / 250kW

Continuous Power

215hp / 160kW

Green Solutions | Terex EV
Green Solutions | The Terex EV


Combined with the Terex HyPowerTM SmartPTO by Viatec

Powered by the electric PTO - the Terex HyPowerTM SmartPTO by Viatec - provides all the hydraulic functions of the utility truck - from the outriggers to the boom of the aerial or digger derrick - with a flip of a switch. Proven safe, reliable, and a standalone option for your current fleet upgrades, this SmartPTO comes standard with a 1-year warranty and a 3-year telematics package. It has no scheduled maintenance required - so set it and forget it on your unit - and is transferable to new units. 

Learn More About Terex HyPowerTM SmartPTO by Viatec

Terex Utilities has actively worked with Viatec since 2019, focusing on simple and reliable plug-in PTO solutions for the electric utility industry.



Terex EV Aerial | First Electric Bucket Truck

Debut of Industry's First All-Electric Bucket Truck

The Terex EV gives electric utilities a solution to help meet their electrification and sustainability goals now! Many utilities have sustainability goals with 50% electric achievement by 2025 and 100% electric by 2030 - the Terex EV can accelerate plans for electrification of their fleets. Combining the Terex HyPowerTM SmartPTO by Viatec with the International® eMV Series battery electric 33,000 GVW chassis on a Terex Optima 55 ft aerial device, Terex Utilities was able to bring this bucket truck solution to the electric utilities two years ahead of industry projections

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